best hardware solution company  best hardware solution company  best hardware solution company  best hardware solution company
 Best Hardware Design Company in Kerala | India
 Best Hardware Design Company in Kerala | India
 Best Hardware Design Company
Best Hardware Design Company
Best Hardware Design Company
Best Hardware Design Company
Best Hardware Design Company
Best Hardware Design Company

Best Hardware Design Company in Kerala | India

We are a forward-thinking technology firm with more than two decades of experience in crafting advanced Embedded Designs, Hardware Products, Software Solutions, and Comprehensive Automation Solutions. Read more

What We Do

We are leading providers of diverse Hardware Solutions including Android PDA, Embedded PDA, Bluetooth Printers (2 Inch, 3 Inch & 4 Inch), Wireless Printers, SMS Printers, Queue Management Systems, Industrial IoT Systems, Intelligent Data Concentrators, Handheld 1D & 2D Barcode Scanners, Scrolling Led Systems, Token Systems, Number Calling Systems. We also specialise in providing End to End, Concept to Reality Solutions by integrating multiple hardware and software components.With over two decades of experience in product development, we have a successful track record in delivering various aspects of electronic design, including hardware, circuit, and schematic designs, embedded systems development, electronics prototyping, Industry 4.0 IoT solutions, electronics manufacturing, both analog and digital designs, product engineering, and innovative product development. Additionally, our strong expertise spans a wide range of wireless technologies, encompassing WiFi, GPS, 3G, 4G, 5G, GPRS, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC, LoRaWAN, Zigbee, Weigand, 2.4 GHz, RFID, and more." Our Total Automation Solutions have a global reach and encompass Field Payment Collection Solutions for Pigmy, NBFC, Chit Companies, Automatic Fare Collection Solutions, Smart Intelligent Transportation Solutions, Entertainment Rental Billing Solutions, Loyalty Management Solutions, Bus Ticketing Solutions, Invoice Payment Collection Solutions, Sales Van Billing Solutions, Distributor Order Booking Solutions, Restaurant Kitchen Order Taking Solutions, Customer Online Ordering & Delivery Solutions, and Salesman Tracking Solutions. Additionally, we offer a wide range of software product solutions catering to various retail and commercial verticals. Our offerings include Desktop Simple Billing, Web-based Queue Management, Trampoline Billing, POS Billing, and more. Softland is Best Hardware Design Company in Kerala , India.

Products & Solutions Portfolio

Palmtec Embedded

Handheld PDA with In built Printer, LCD, Keypad, Rechargeable Battery running on Embedded Operating System.

Palmtec Android

Handheld PDA with In built Printer, Touch Screen LCD, Rechargeable Battery running on Android.

Portable Printers

Portable 2 Inch and Three Inch Bluetooth or WiFi Thermal / Imact Dot Matrix Printers with in built Rechargaeable Battery.


Desktop POS Device running on Android with in built 3 Inch Printer with Cutter, 11.6 LCD for POint of Sale Operations.

Que- WiFi

Wireless Queue Management System (Que-WiFi), with Token Genrator, Calling Button, and Display LED, for managing Queues.


Our Wireless Number Calling System, equipped with LEDs and a dedicated calling device, is designed for efficient number calling in food court settings.


handheld 1D/2D Barcode Scanner featuring built-in WiFi, a rechargeable battery, and data storage capabilities, making it a valuable asset for optimizing logistics operations.


WiFi/GPRS Enabled plug & play devices with integrated sensors for data trasnfer in smart homes & industries.


SIL SFA, Sales Force Automation, offers a comprehensive web and Android solution tailored for manufacturing and distribution businesses.


TrackUrSale, is a simpler version of SIL SFA with PC & Android Solution for Small & Medium Organisations for Order Booking, Billing, Payment Collection, Inventory Management, and Live Tracking.


SIL COOD, is a Customer Online Ordering System with Web, Android & IOS Apps, for company Customers to Order their Products Online, Track Delivery and Collection of Payments Online.


SIL - ERP, End to End Centralised Web based all in one simple & unique custmosiable ERP Solutions with an array of Modules suitable for Manufacturing Industries and Other Business Establishments.


TrackPrio comes with Web App, Mobile App & Card Reader with GPS & GPRS in Vehicles, Classrooms, Workspaces, Offices for Tracking the exact GPS position of vehicles, In & Out status of Resources.


Smart Intelligenet Transportation System for Ticketing & Tracking operations for Bus Companies by using Handheld Devices, Intelligent GPS GPRS devices, Web, & Android & IOS App.

Bus Ticketing

Bus ticketing solution is an ideal solution for Small Bus Owners to manage the Bus Ticketing & Collections using Handheld Ticketing Machine & PC Applications. Basic models with SMS & Gprs are available


Vehicle Entry Exit Management System is mainly for managing the Entry and Exit of Vehicles using a combiantion of Android Application at vehicle entry areas and a Back end Web Application for reports.

Simply Bill

Simplybill is a simple to use solution for Shops in single & multi locations to keep track of Inventoy, Manage Desktop billing, Collections and Reports.


Kitchen Order Billing On Table is an end- end solution, for taking Orders & Billing in Hotels, Restaurants that comes with an Android & PC Application in WiFi.

Event Management

Event Management provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing entry tickets and payments at events. This system utilizes handheld devices in conjunction with back-end PC applications.


Rental Billing Management, on the other hand, offers an ideal web and Android solution designed for outdoor and indoor parks. It facilitates the management of rental billing and collections for cycles rented within children's parks.


Trampoline Billing Solution is an end to end solution, suitable for Trampoline Parks for managing Billing, Payments, Orders & Time Limits for users in Trampoline Parks using Web App, PC Exe & Timer Braclets.

Loyalty Management

Loyalty Management Solution comes with a Handheld Device, & Web App suitable for management of Loyalty Points, Cash and Prepaid Billing, Suitable for Fuel Station, Shops and Establishments.


Park-Slot is a total Solution for managing the Parking Slots using Handheld Or Desktop Devices, & PC Exe. Options for Single Entry Exit, Multiple Entry Exit, Online & Offline options are available.

Pay Collect

Pay Collect is an easy to use Field Payment Collection Solutions using Handheld Devices, & Web App ideal for NBFC, Coperative, Scheduled Banks, Companies for Invoice Payments collections & many more.


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Best Hardware Design Company

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