Kitchen Order Billing On Table System in Kerala
Kitchen Order Billing On Table System in Kerala

Billing System |Kerala |India

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sil kot is an end to end kitchen order and billing system, ideally suited for restaurant billing, hotel billing, restaurant order taking, android hotel billing, android restaurant billing, android tab based billing, steward order taking, table billing, order taking and billing etc for the automating the order booking, and billing so as to enhance the speed and efficiency for enhanced customer satisfaction. restaurant solution will handle various processes like menu preparation,seat allotting ,steward ordering, waiter ordering, delivery, food availability, billing process, final reconcilation and various features like low cost restaurant system, low cost hotel billing system, cheap restaurant billing system, cheap hotel billing system,cost effective restaurant system,cost effective hotel billing system,waiter billing system,steward billing system. Softlandindia is Kitchen Order Billing On Table System in Kerala , India .

Working Of System

PC application will be installed in the server, seperate logins will be given to cashier and kitchen staff,the waiters will be provided with an Android Device like a Tab or Mobile Phone loaded with our application. The waiters after finding the taste of the customers, select the specific Menu Options and Choose the Food Items. There can as much Categories of Food as the Restaurant may have. Namely Arabic, Continental, Chinese, Indian etc. The Table Number will also be Selected and updated. Each tab button will then have the list of Food in a particular Category with short description of the Recipe and Prices along with the images.