Automatic Fare Collection & Reporting System

Bus Ticketing Management Solution, a cutting-edge platform that harmoniously combines mobile and web applications to revolutionize bus ticketing. Our innovation not only ensures a seamless passenger experience but also propels bus operators into a new era of efficiency. With our user-friendly mobile app and web interface, passengers can effortlessly explore bus schedules, select preferred routes, and securely purchase tickets, all at their fingertips. Bid farewell to tedious queues and paper tickets as we usher in a new era of convenience. Embracing our solution means more than just passenger satisfaction it’s about optimizing operations for bus operators too. Real-time updates on seat availability, coupled with secure online payment choices, empower passengers to confidently plan their journeys while enabling bus operators to maximize fleet usage. Stay informed while on the move with our mobile app's timely notifications, keeping you updated on booking confirmations, boarding details, and journey alerts. Meanwhile, the comprehensive web dashboard empowers bus operators to manage bookings, assign seats, and track occupancy trends, making our Bus Ticketing Management Solution a catalyst for digital transformation in the transportation sector. Join us in shaping the future of bus travel where convenience, efficiency, and innovation converge seamlessly to redefine the way we experience ticketing.


Mobile appliation, Web application


Live data reports, ticket details, detailed reports, ticketing

Areas Of Application

Schools, Bus companies, Offices